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An Interesting Visit

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A guy from Church just came over and said: "I don't know why but you are not allowed to have home teachers. Well I don't agree with that and since I'm right near by me and my partner are going to add you to our home teaching list." Interesting. Well, not being allowed to have home teachers is not news - I've been requesting home teachers for more than 20 years now and I've NEVER been allowed to have one.

Uhm, for those who don’t know: Mormons have "home teachers" - they are like "local missionaries" that live in your town, and go around the neighborhood teaching scripture lessons to members of the church. They are REQUIRED to visit EVERY member of the local church building at least once per month. I've NEVER had one visit me once in 34 years.

Actually I'm supposed to have Visiting Teachers too - that's a pair of women, who visit the women of the church each month. I've been requesting them to visit me too, but to date it's been 34 years and they've never stopped by either. The reason - I'm being shunned.
I was 12 years old when Bishop M announced that I was "The Great Apostate who was to come in the last days" and commanded the members to shun me. I've been shunned by the local members ever since, and if they do talk to me it's to call me "a demon possessed witch". This has been going on since I was just 12 years old. :(

I don’t even accept anyone else’s opinion about where my soul will be for eternity anymore!
I actually stop going to the Mormon church 9 years ago, because the whole shunning and being put down, and everything else that was going on, had me fall into a huge fit of depression. So I was quite surprised when this guy showed up at my door. I remember him from years ago, but I don't know his name. I haven't seen him in church since I was like 8 or 9.
Anyways, I've taken that seminary course via the Calvinist church and a one year course through the SDA church, than studied for 3 years with a Pentecostal church and have since been ordained a minister and uhm, well, the current Bishop called me the Great Apostate last summer because I wrote a book (For Fear of Little Men) that kind of pretty much lays the groundwork for starting a new religion of my own.

You got to wonder though - if they had never shunned me, I would never have pursued all this, so in a way they made their own prediction come true! LOL!

NaNovel 2008 For Fear of Little Men by Wendy C Allen
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RE: What would be the implication for religion if we met aliens from another planet who had no knowledge of God?

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by Kate Walker on November 17th, 2005
Kate Walker


Help answer this question below.

What would be the implication for religion if we met aliens from another planet who had no knowledge of God?


ANSWERS. 18 helpful answers below.

I kind of have to wonder: What would be the implication if we met aliens from another planet and they WERE the beings that the ancients called "God"?

What if God was an Alien?

Think about it:

1.) Alien Abductees almost never remember what happened to them.
2.) Faerie Abductees almost always remember every detail of what happened to them.
3.) God encounters and Angel sightings rarely reported being abducted.

Of course than there is this to consider:

1.) Angel encounters happened since pre-history, and were a common daily occurrence in most cultures, but suddenly came to an abrupt world wide halt in the 1500’s and have been very rare since

2.) Faerie encounters and Faerie abductions started in almost as soon as Angel encounters stopped. They happened on a daily basis in nearly every town in every culture across the entire globe. And though extraordinarily common through out the 1600s - 1800s, stopped abruptly in the 1940’s and became very rare after World War II.

3.) The first Alien Encounters were reported in the 1870’s, but were very rare and did not become wide spread across the globe until the 1950’s. Alien abductions and encounters today occur on a daily basis in nearly every city in every country of every continent.

Do you see it? Alien abductions are not a new thing, they just have a new name. I can see the scientific advancement in the abductors’ technology at work here:

1.) Early encounters with beings “from the Heavens” were simple encounters with messages of love and peace and good tidings of great joy being told. The people shared the message, saying “God” gave it too them and than started religions which resulted in fighting, hate, wars and bloodshed.

2.) Later encounters with beings “from the Air” involved kidnappings but with clear memories of such events. They spoke of love and peace, while showing gruesome playacted images of war and bloodshed. Abductees were returned with instructions not to tell what they saw in the homes and lands of the abductors and often died a few days after telling about their experience.

3.) Current encounters with beings “from outer space” involve more advanced kidnappings in which an attempt is made to erase the abductees memory of the events, thus preventing them from telling anyone what they saw, but suddenly they are going around preach veganism, to take care of the environment, love and peace, and change their lives to make a war on war. They don’t know why they are compelled to go on this eco-green-living rampage, and they end only ever remember being abducted through hypnotism.

It seems that these “Beings From the Sky” have always been with us, have always had a message of love and peace, and that as their technology advances, we change our descriptions of them.

Is it not odd that the ancients often encountered angels, messengers of God, holy spirits, and demons, but than suddenly stopped encountering them after the arrival of faerie, trickster, and wraith encounters started to occur?

Is it not odd that the medieval, renaissance, and Victorian man often encountered faeries, tricksters, and wraiths but than suddenly stopped encountering them after the arrival of aliens and UFO encounters started to occur?

People often ask:

Why don’t angels still visit us today?

Why doesn’t God still come down and talk to people face to face?

Why does no one today see fairies anymore?

Why are there so many alien sightings today when there never was any before?

I ask in return to those questions:

Who says angels no longer visit the Earth? What are angels, but visitors from beyond the clouds who come down from the sky?

Who says faeries are no longer seen? What are faeries, but visitors from beyond the clouds who come down from the sky?

Who says aliens did not visit the Earth long ago? What are aliens, but visitors from beyond the clouds who come down from the sky?

Were the angel-god-demon encounters of the Bible, really any different from the faerie encounters of the old days? And were both of these really any different from the UFO encounters of today?

I do not think that these encounters are any different now than they were hundreds or thousands of years ago. We as Humans have been visited for centuries, by astral beings, the only thing that has changed is that we have over the years and across the cultures, identified these beings by different names. Originally we called these visitors Gods, than angels, than demons, than faeries, now aliens, and who knows what new names we will call them by in future generations. But just because we change what we call them, does not mean to say that they ever have or ever will stop visiting us.

NaNovel 2008 For Fear of Little Men by Wendy C Allen
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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

RE: Men - What Are Your Biggest Questions About Women?

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What do you want to know about women? What are the most puzzling questions you wish you had answers to?

  1. bobbysroom
    Not that there is much you can tell me. Not that you don't want to, but for some reason women seem to have this built in repertoire of what to say when asked, "What do you want to know about women?" So instead of asking what I am sure to know what the answer will be, I would like to ask something else, if that's ok. I'll take your response as a yes or no.

    Now before I continue I must point out that by merely posing a question in the hopes of having a woman answer, I am in fact asking a question about women. However, you might say I am going about it from a roundabout way that is seemingly superfluous, yet as I think many men may agree this question is actually quite fundamental.

    At what point is a man an asset or a liability in a relationship? i.e. If a man is over forty and lives on a fixed income, if a man is thirty and works two jobs, or if a thirty something man has a six figure income, which of the three is the asset, liability, or plain out of luck when it comes to finding a meaningful relationship.

Which of the three is the asset, liability, or plain out of luck when it comes to finding a meaningful relationship.

That's actually quite an interesting question. It focuses on age and money, two things which have effected my own relationship with my SO, whom I have been with for 23 years now.

My SO is 30 years older than me, and when we meet, unknown to me at the time, had a rather abnormally high income. This in turn caused problems when his friends meet me for the first time, after several years of his keeping our relationship a secret.

He had a business meeting one Sunday, and on his suggestion, I went with him. (We had been together 15 years at that point.) I waited in the hallway with a few of his friends whom I had just been introduced to, this being the first time I met his friends, and this also being the first time his friends found out about me. He had assumed that we would talk and get on fine during his 2 hour long meeting. They all knew each other, but I knew none of them.

Well, for starters they assumed I was a teenager (I was 27 at the time) and right off the bat one of the men gave me hell about how young (he thought) I was. His wife joined in, saying my SO was a pedophile and telling me I should call the police. They made such a big issue about it that I finally had to pull out my identification to prove I was over 18 years old!

But than, once they finally believed I really was nearing my 30th birthday, they started in on money. My SO had never mentioned work or money, not once in the 15 years we were together. It was an agreement we had right from day one - he would never talk about it and I would never ask. He always had enough money, but he never spent much money, so the fact that he had as much money as he did have, blew me away when I found out about it, and I found out about it, through these people, who told me straight to my face that I was "a gold digger", a "grave robber", and "wanted nothing more than to be a rich young widow".

Well, that all happened 7 years ago. I'm still with my (now elderly) SO, and this is much to the surprise of those friends of his, seeing how he, shortly after that day, lost all of his money and now lives on an almost non-existent income. There was a space of 3 years of homelessness and living under a tarp on the streets. I never left him and I'm still with him today.

My answer to their questioning why I am still with him: I love him. Plain and simple. Our relationship was always based on friendship. I was with him 3 years before he told me his age. Age was never important to me, we spend time together, talk about everything under the sun together, we enjoy each other's company. I was with him 15 years before I found out how much money he made. Money was never important to me either. And for people who say - "Oh it must be the sex" - no, because, he's a high priest, thus why our relationship was keep a secret for so many years.

And so to answer your question:

If a man is over forty and lives on a fixed income = asset

Why? His priorities are going to be closer to home. Younger men are always on the look out for "something better", older men are more ready to settle down. A fixed income may be lower, be it retirement or disability or SSI, but with a fixed income you are going to be wiser, and not go around racking up debts.

If a man is thirty and works two jobs = plain out of luck

Why? Two jobs = no time for family. Why should I waste my time marrying a man who is never going to have time to spend with me?

If a thirty something man has a six figure income =liability

Why? Because this man is going to be putting money first and family last. I've known two men who fit this, and both spent all of their time worrying about the "image" - had to get a bigger house, a flashier car, couldn't be seen eating at places like McDonald's, had to always eat at the most expensive restaurant - why? Because he said "that's what people expect me to do." When a man like this is faced with a Great Depression, he'll be the first in line to blow his brains out.

NaNovel 2008 For Fear of Little Men by Wendy C Allen
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RE: How can I earn more from my Blogs? & Does Anybody make cash online?

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I ave around 25 blogs which are updated weekly. i cant get into Adsenes and using Adbrite and Bidvertiser . My blogs are some 1 year to 3 months old. I surprised that i cant make money on that by working 5 to 6 hours daily. Can any one help me to make more money with that.


If anybody recieved cheque or amount from any source of internet please write here.

I make 100% of my income online and I have done so since 2007.

I have 32 blogs and 537 web sites, but I'm also online an average of 12 to 16 hours a day in order to manage all of them and keep them all current and up to date. It can be done, but not if you have a day job besides.

How I make money with them? Here are the sites that pay me:

Zazzle (I'm a professional artist, painter and illustrator)(I bring in about $200 per month here)

Squidoo (I write how-to and self help articles)(I bring in $75 to $200 per month here)

Etsy (I'm a doll maker) (I make $30 - $200 per doll sold)

LuLu (I'm a self published author) (I make about $4 per book sold)

Amazon (Marketplace)

Amazon (Associates)

Associated Content



SpoonFlower (I'm a fashion and fabric designer)

Commission Junction


Share A Sale



Avon (I've been a representative for 16 years - sell exclusively online)

I use my blogs, FaceBook, Twitter, and MySpace to promote all of the above. I am also a member of more than 300 different forums and online groups. I also own 12 forums of my own besides.

If you want to make money the same way I do, just Google each of them by name, go to their websites, sign up, and than follow the instructions from each individual site.

I am constantly looking for new ways to make money online and every time a new site shows up I join up for it's Beta Test run. Some flop and disappear after a few months, but a few (namely LuLu and SpoonFlower) go on to become big hits, and in the long run, it's usually the Beta testers who end up being the big money makers down the road, so the earlier you join a site, the better your chances of a higher income.

It should also be noted that my blogs are far from new, I've been online on chatrooms and forums 6 days a week since 1997, and I'm a professional author who write between 2000 to 13,000 words per day.

My oldest blog was started in 2003, currently has more than 4000 posts on it, most posts averaging no less than 1500 words, is a very tight niched blog catering to self published authors, and since I started tracking it in 2007 has had over 200,000 unique visitors and usually gets over 1000 visits per day.

To make money online:

Be creative. Be unique. Be you.

Always remember that people read blogs because they want useful information, honest opinions, and to find others who think, say, like, and do the same things day do. Their first priority is to get unique original information. They do not come to your blog looking to buy something. If they want to buy something they are going to hop in their car and drive to WalMart, not rush to your blog!

Original content. NEVER EVER under ANY circumstances plagerize someone else's work. If the writer catches you and reports you, you'll end up with a $25,000 minimum fine and up to 25 years in prison.

Don't think about money. Have fun. Talk about EVERYTHING that pops into your head, no matter what it is. Have fun. Interact with your readers. Sign autographs when your readers meet you in person (and believe me, if you become famous enough, they will find you!) Be real. Be you. Share your likes and dislikes. Talk on your posts the EXACT same way you talk face to face in person.

Write about things that make you happy. Forget about money. Don't even think about making money when you are writing your blog posts. Write now, worry about money later.

Go niche. Know your topic. Love your topic. Live your topic.

Don't know what to write? Ask yourself what you know and write about it: Do you love dogs? Write about dogs. Do you read Horror novels? Write Horror book reviews. Do you spend your free time watching for UFO's? Keep track of your UFO findings on a UFO themed blog. Did you survive a drive by shooting? Write self help and support articles for other survivors. Do you like eating out every week? Write weekly reviews about local restaurants. Do you breed exotic fish? Than start a question and answer site where fish owners can ask for your advice.

Never give advice you do not follow.

Never promote a product you do not personally use. If you would never buy a Honda, than don't tell your readers they should be driving one. If you've never been on a cruise, than don't promote cruise line tickets. If you hate the smell of a certain perfume, don't tell others to buy it.

Don't be afraid to give bad reviews. If you had a bad allergic reaction to a new face cream - than warn others by sharing with them what happened to you!

Look around your house and find out what you use every day - toothpaste, soda, bread, shampoo - if you use it regular than you know it and love it and will be able to write a 100% honest review about it. Than Google it and find their affiliate program and start promoting it.

Most of the major name brands - including WalMart, Macy's and Avon, use LinkShare to manage their affiliate accounts, so make sure you sign up with LinkShare if you haven't already.

Read books, watch movies, listen to music, than join Amazon Associates and start reviewing (on your blog) everything you read, watch, and listen to.

And well, I'm sorry to have say this, but you kind of already need to have a lot of people seeking you out to begin with before you start blogging, if you want to make money at it. So, it helps to already be a celebrity and have tens of thousands of followers on FaceBook, Twitter, and MySpace as well. It's kind of the "big secret" to my blogging success - I have crazy fanboys and fangirls who spend their time following me around online (and offline). Like I said - I'm a professional author, so people read my books than go looking for me afterwards, so it might help you out if you took up writing books first and blogs second.

And for those who would ask, (as people always do) what it is my 32 blogs are about. I'll tell you. Each one is about one of my hobbies, which include: Ufology, CosPlay, Costume Making, Feral Cat Rescue (I currently have 16 cats), How to Survive Being Homeless and Getting Back on Your Feet Again (I was homeless for 3 years after a flood), Faeries and FolkLore, Self Publishing, Writing Advice, NaNoWriMo, Comic Book Collecting, eBay (I'm overly addicted to it), Autism (I have it), and My Religion (I started my own religious denomination more or less).

NaNovel 2008 For Fear of Little Men by Wendy C Allen
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How's Lulu going for you?

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Rather that rewrite all of this, I'm going to copy and paste it here for you:

EelKat on Squidoo

EelKat on Squidoo I have figured out how to make blank notebooks with lined pages. :) (I kept messing up the lines before - finally figured out what I was doing wrong.)
My Daily Journal Pink Clouds by Wendy C. Allen: Blank Book, Notebook, Diary, or Journal. Lined pages. Art by Wendy C Allen.
4 hours ago ·  ·  · Share
Merry Moore
Merry Moore 
How's Lulu going for you? Other than being a fun creative outlet, is it looking like a income generating opportunity? (I hope you don't mind me asking. I've read mixed reviews about it and would like your opinion.)
3 hours ago ·  · Report
EelKat on Squidoo
EelKat on Squidoo 
I've talked with several authors who use LuLu and the results vary greatly. I've talked to authors who bring in $500 a week and others who don't even see that much in an entire year.

Near as I can tell (from talking to several of them) the ones that are making a good steady income from it, are the ones that are sending out dozens of review copies (for free) and are always out there in their local public doing book signings at libraries and book stores and clubs on topic to their book. They also have 40 or 50 books listed for sale, use the "Global Distribution" program, have given free copies of all of their books to the local libraries, and take commission copies to all the local indie bookstores.

From what I hear, the ones that are not making any money, are selling their books solely through LuLu's Marketplace and are not giving away free copies of their books.
7 minutes ago · 
EelKat on Squidoo
EelKat on Squidoo 
As for myself:

I've had my account with LuLu since 2005, but to date all I ever did with it was "private access" items. The first book that I actually put up for sale on the Marketplace was "For Fear of Little Men" on Feb 7, 2010. So it's been only 2 weeks. So far It's sold 2 paperbacks and 1 hardcover and 0 ebooks.

I've added 7 more books in the last 2 days, of course it's too soon for sales from those because it takes a few days for them to filter down through the system.

I've got about 30 more books written that are waiting to be edited and formated, and so I'll be listing those for sale over this summer and fall. They range from fiction, to non-fiction, to craft patterns to art books, plus translations of Medieval texts. So at the moment I'm focusing on getting those finished and up for sale, and once they are listed than I'll put my marketing plan into action.

So I'll have more details about whether LuLu turns out to be a good income bringer or not, probably in the late fall - say around October, because by than I'll have had enough to to do some sales tracking.

Because it costs $75 per book to get "Global" (Amazon, Ingram, Barns & Nobel, etc) distribution, I don't yet have any books listed off site and so the only way to order them is through LuLu directly, which means sales can be expected to be pretty low at the moment, because the general public doesn't go seeking out LuLu in general.

I'll be adding Global Distribution to each book a little at a time over the next few months, so hopefully that'll have an impact on sales.
6 minutes ago · 
EelKat on Squidoo
EelKat on Squidoo 
I've got a marketing plan in place, which will include sending out press releases and review copies to places on topic with each particular book.

Like wise all of the local libraries (about 20 public/town libraries) will be getting free copies donated to their circulation department. I'm a weekly regular at each of these libraries, so I know all the librarians, and will just give them the books when I go in on my regular schedule.

The State Library does weekly book signings, author interviews, and readings, with local authors, so I'll likely sign up for those as well. 

I will also be signing several of them up for LibraryThing's Early Reader book review program, which means I'll have to buy 20 or 30 copies of each book and than mail them out free to reviewers, but I've been a LibraryThing Reviewer myself for several years now, so I've gotten to see how the program works from the inside and I've heard a lot of first hand accounts from self published authors getting better sales as a direct result of giving away all those free copies of their books through LibraryThing.

All in all, my hope is that by this time next year, LuLu will be a regular source of income. But you can keep checking back here, because I'll be posting updates as time goes by about it.
6 minutes ago · 

NaNovel 2008 For Fear of Little Men by Wendy C Allen
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