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RE: Why is EK's Writing Blog at a new URL? and NaNoWriMo RE: Don't Let the haters Get You Down

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Don’t let the haters get you down.

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Don’t let the haters get you down.

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I don’t know what it is this year. Maybe people are just really stressed out in their personal lives, which I can understand with the economy and all, but there just seems to be a lot of haters out there this year.
People hatin’ on NaNoWriMo. People hatin’ on your efforts to participate in NaNoWriMo. Maybe even you hatin’ on yourself.
Well I have a message to all the haters.
Stuff it.
You may have heard about an article on Salon that lambasted NaNoWriMo and people who participate it. Well, that hater can stuff it.
Over in LitFic, we have people saying don’t even bother trying to write LitFic because trying to write fast is the antithesis to LitFic. This could very well be happening in other regions too. Well, those haters can stuff it.
There very well might be people in your life right now questioning why you should even bother writing. Especially if you don’t even want to publish (“Well whats the point then?”) Well, those haters can stuff it.
There might be a little voice, or a big voice, right now inside of you yelling that you’re silly for even trying to do NaNoWriMo because you don’t have the talent or there are other things you should be doing. Well, those hater self doubts can stuff it.


I haven't read the online hater stuff this year, but I've seen the stuff that's been said in years past. I don't need to read that stuff, though, I've got enough trouble with on of my relatives (who is known online as "my stalker" -- you know - that crazy freak who sent all the threatening emails to Maine's Script Frenzy members in 2010, and ended up scaring every body so bad that they did not dare to come to the Write Ins for fear she'd show up and attack them? Yeah - same nut - she does this EVERY SINGLE April and November, EVERY SINGLE Script Frenzy and NaNoWriMo for the past 7 years, now.).

So, she shows up at my house today shrieking and screaming at the top of her lungs, waving around a dead bantam hen and what she said was "court papers" and saying she is going to sue me if I refuse to stop writing this book. She was just babbled and rambeling a bunch of absolute utter nonsence - a lot of it about demons being out to get her and that being my fault because I was sending said demons after her.

O...... K.... riiiiiiight....and where exactly is your straight jacket again?

I'm staring at her thinking -- What the hell?

Tonight I had to change the URL on my long running writing blog (started in 2004). Guess why? I'll tell you why...same nut case freak job relative of mine. No - EK's Writing Blog is not gone - I know - Blogger says it's not there right now - I've set it to "private" for a day or 2 while I move it to a new URL Why? because it was hit by my stalker last night, who is - as usual - copying hash-editing - and emailed her retranslations to my friends family and church members!

Now here is a woman who can not tell fantasy from fiction - I have here a copy of one of her missquotes

Some of you may remember a few days ago while writing my NOVEL, the Traveling Shovel of Death killed a baby? well her reworded "quote" (from my blog) is now worded so that it says that I said I was threatening to kill an actual baby with a shovel!!! What the hell? - gotta love my stalker and her ability to rewrite my blog posts into whole new meanings! Thing is she's emailing this crap to people saying that it's an actual quote from me! As usual very little of what I said remains in her so called "quotes" from me, and what I did write, she has rewords and switch around so that the words are not even in the same order I wrote them in!

One of my friends forwarded her emails to him, to me - (this btw is the same stalker who burned my house down in 2006:

And her reasoning for all of this madness she is doing today? She claims my NaNovel is not a novel but rather a death threat that I am writing as I plot to kill her !?!? OMG! What the hell?!?

She farther says that the characters in my book are REAL, that they are DEMONS and that the book is my instruction manual to them! She continues saying that when I am done with the book, I will give it to these so-called demons and they will use the "instructions" in the book to destroy her!

Uhm - yeah - okay - whatever - some one really needs to get their head out of their ass and visit the real world for a change.

I've had to deal with this woman before, she the same one who stole my car and had it cut up, claiming that it had a demon living in it and she had to "kill the car" in order to "kill the demon" - and in case you had not figured it out by now, yes, she has clinical paranoid schizophrenia by the way and she is off her meds.

My answer to her accusation? --- "Get HELP woman - seriously - you need it - it's a freaking novel you stupid b***h".

I really wish she would get a life, or at least a job or a hobby or SOMETHING so she could get the heck out of my life and let me have a writing contest in peace with out having to deal with her and her freakshow fits in my front yard.

And people wonder how I am able to write about schizophrenic characters so well --- well, now you know.

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