Monday, January 25, 2010

RE: MonkeyBrain: Are experiences of aliens a form of psychic experience?

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Are experiences of aliens a form of psychic experience? I just chimed in here:

Wow - I wish I could vote on both sides. I think the answer is: "Yes, some form of clairvoyance is involved."

But than, I also say: "No. They have a physical body anybody might see. They're just shy."

Explanation: I believe that most (if not all) of these beings have actual physical bodies, but I also believe that they are using a form of clairvoyance to hide themselves.

I do believe that many, maybe even most "alien encounters" are a form of psychic experience with spirit beings. I actually believe that both "alien abductions/encounters" and "messages from angels/god's messengers" are in fact the same thing, translated in two different ways, depending on how the experiencer interprets what happened to them.

I'm not entirely sure that I've "meet an alien" though some folks say that is the case. I can say I've meet "a creature of debatable origins". He does have a physical flesh and blood body, but he has this, I don't know, psychic ability, I guess you could call it, that effects what people see when they see him, and thus most people are unable to see him. In other words to most people he is "invisible", though invisible is not exactly the correct word, because it's more a change in the person's visual perception, rather than his having a change in viability.

I have discovered that a few people can see him, usually small children, rarely ever adults, but that every one who does see him, sees him differently - he has been described with very different appearances, depending on who is seeing him, and when. He has been described as appearing as a "White Monkey", "a merman", "a White Salamander", "a Gray" (a small pale skinned alien with large black eyes), "a Venusian/Nordic", "a demon from hell", "an evil spirit", and "a wooly haired angel".

From my own experience, I've come to believe that a person's own "spiritual energy" or "psychic ability" seems to be the determining factor in wither they can see him o not as well as how they see him.

Long story short, while some folks say he is an alien from outer space and others say he is a spirit being (either demon or angel depending on who you are talking too), but as for myself personally, I don't think he is either. I think he is a cryptid (a rare and elusive creature of natural origin - think sasquatch, yeti, loch ness monster). And I also believe that most, if not all, alien, angel, faerie, and ghost sightings are in fact contact with one of these elusive, but very natural beings with an ability to hide themselves from humans, by using a psychic ability to manipulate a person;s visual perception. I call these creatures "Faeries" seeing how I feel that term fits them better than any thing else.

My lens: goes into a lot more detail on my thoughts about this topic, thanks for featuring it here on your lens, btw! {{{hugs}}}

Wow - what a long comment. I don't very often have this much to say on a MonkeyBrain. =P

Waiting for Emmett to come.

Friday, January 22, 2010

going to church on Sunday doesn't make you a Mormon any more than going to a garage on Saturday makes you a car!

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My response to a series of tweets, posts, comments, and emails, from, well - yeah, you can tell who sent them to me, based on my response to them - my long time "online stalker" as I prefer to call him, for no other name fits him. Thirteen years, you think he'd give up. Nope. In his mind I'm going to hell, and he's dead sent of being at the gate with the key to lock me in there. sheesh! 

These are tweets so you got to read from bottom to top.

  1. EelKat 
    going to church on Sunday doesn't make you a Mormon any more than going to a garage on Saturday makes you a car!
  2. EelKatEelKat 
    how dare you accuse me
  3. EelKatEelKat 
    or tell it to the high priest from Sanford - the one with a 3 year supply of Vodka in his cellar
  4. EelKatEelKat 
    how you act make you a Mormon, not how often you attend church meetings - maybe you want to tell that to the liqueur serving bishop in Saco
  5. EelKatEelKat 
    they have no right to call themselves Mormons their actions prove them to be anything but Mormons - a Mormon in name is not a Mormon in deed
  6. EelKatEelKat 
    it's the bastard members who hide behind religion to carry out acts of violence, vandalism, and hate, that I hate a problem with
  7. EelKatEelKat 
    I've said it before and I'll say it again - I have no problems with the Church, it's teachings, or the Book of Mormon - it's the bastards
  8. EelKatEelKat 
    How DARE you suggest otherwise - you filthy hypocrite from hell!
  9. EelKatEelKat 
    but no amount of violence, vandalism, not even local members burning my house to the ground, has EVER made me deny the Church or the BofM!
  10. EelKatEelKat 
    I don't attend meetings because I'm not allowed to - I get shot at when I try to go to church meetings - paint balls hurt buddy
  11. EelKatEelKat 
    and if you are going to have a hissy fit over the history of your Church, than you better reevaluate why you joined it in the first place
  12. EelKatEelKat 
    don't twist my words and say I hate the church because I quoted church history, I've accepted the Church's past, I have no problem with it
  13. EelKatEelKat 
    I'll ask again - what the hell are you doing being a member of a church that has a history your hate? and why are you taking it out on me?
  14. EelKatEelKat 
    you can deny the past all you want, that does not make it any less true, and getting mad over historical events of 200 years ago is silly
  15. EelKatEelKat 
    me quoting Church history IS NOT me hating the Church - and if you are getting upset, than I say YOUR the one with a problem with the Church
  16. EelKatEelKat 
    If they are so offended by the Church's past, why than did they become a member? There is no logic in it - none what so ever#LDS #Mormon
  17. EelKatEelKat 
    Strange how many fellow LDS - Mormons hate me for quoting our Church's history - I fail to see the problem
  18. EelKatEelKat I had some LDS - Mormon followers and I offended them - I can tell because in the past few minutes my followers shrunk by about a dozen

Waiting for Emmett to come.

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