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Internationally known Autistic, Natural Born Psychic & Faerie Channeler. Channeling Otherworld Connections with Spirit Guides, Faeries, Ultraterristrials, Angels, and Assended Ones for more than 30 years!

Get your online psychic reading with Maine's Faerie Oracle:
Miss Citten the EelKat
The internationally world famous Autistic,
Natural Born Psychic & Faerie Channeler,
I have been channeling with Otherworld Connections:
Spirit Guides, Faeries, Ultraterristrials, Angels, Guardians, & Assended Ones
since I was 3 years old.

Why am I called EelKat? And who am I?
I live in the wooded coastal swamplands of Maine
without electricity, phone, or running water,
and with 14 rescused feral cats.
My Totem/Spirit Animals are: Deep Sea Moray Eels and Bobcats.
Because of this, I have been known throughout the world
since 1978 as Miss Citten The EelKat.

(The Goldeneagle helping me sew Voodoo Dolls)
More Information about my Voodoo Dolls can be found HERE.

If you have not heard of me before,
just do a quick Google search for me,
there are thousands of web sites and articles about me
and my world famous "haunted car" The Goldeneagle.
Both me and my "haunted car" have been on the front page of newspapers,
in TV news reports, and featured in over 30 books.

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For more information on EelKat
please see my official home page.

For more information on The Goldeneagle
please see it's official home page.

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I have Autism. I do not talk.
I never make eye contact with anyone.
I do not have a "formal education".
I did not attend school.
I was abandoned by my family.
I grew up in the forest, living in an abandoned car.
I talk to wild animals in their own language.
I see people which Humans can not see.
I hear and talk to people Humans can not hear.
I do not have a house.
I have no phone, no electricity, and no running water.
This bothers some people.
Locals call me "That crazy homeless cat woman."

(Me and a few of my more than 200 pets.)

I am not mute, I can talk,
but in 40 years, rarely have I ever done so,
The reason being that because of my Autism and my lifestyle
people assume I am retarded and avoid me.
I will not start a conversation,
but if you talk to me first,
I will gladdly talk with you.

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At age 3 I started telling adults about the Faeries
that I saw living all around us.
With the help of the Swamp Faeries,
I preform what locals call "spell castings" and "curses",
but are more correctly called
invocations, prayers, psychic readings, prophecies, and predictions.

My tools? I use sea shells and beach pebbles and a silver pendulum
in a giant natural Faerie Ring nearly 12 feet in diameter
with the moss covered tree stump altar
at it's center and 7 tall pines around it.
For crystal balls, I use glass fishing balls that washed up on shore.
My cards are a giant deck of hundreds of assorted random cards,
not tarot cards, but colorful art trading cards.
My readings are done in the swamp
at the moss covered tree-stump-altar
where you see me sitting in the photos on this page.
This swamp is the home of my Spirit Guide, Guardian, and Protector
the Far-Darrig known as Etiole.
Everything I know, from the teachings of Jesus
to the ways of the Faeries to how to read stones, shells, and cards,
was taught to me him.
He is my constant companion, Guardian Angel, and Personal Spirit Guide.

I live in the swamp, in a forest, on a beach,
and am often seen runnin across the beach and
diving fully clothed into the ocean during hurricans and snow storms.
Etiole is a Water Faerie, he draws on the power of storms and the ocean waves,
I in turn draw on those same powers through him.
Though I am a devote Christian and deeply dislike being refered to as a Witch,
local residents have nicknamed me "The Sea Witch of Old Orchard Beach".

The Goldeneagle (a 1964 Dodge 330): My "House":

Even though I sometimes wander into town among people,
I still live in the woods, I still do not talk,
and though I have learned how to use a computer,
I still has not learned how to use a phone.
My readings are therefor done in person or via E-mail ONLY!

A Few Other Things You Might Want To Know About Me:

*** I am a 15th generation Native Mainer.

*** I am a Native American of the Kickapoo Tribe.

*** I am a 3rd generation Mormon.

*** I am a LDS/Mormon and have been for 35 years.

*** I took 12 years of Bible Seminary through the Calvinist Church.

*** I took 3 years of Bible Seminary through the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

*** I believe in aliens and UFOs.

*** I am the author of the long out of print Twighlight Manor series.

*** Though I am a Mormon, I also attend 15 different religious denominations (mostly Christian, but a few non-Christian too).

*** Though I am Mormon, I am also a non-denominational ordained minister.

*** I own New England's "Smallest Church".

*** I run a "Prayer Warrior Chapel" in Old Orchard Beach, Maine.

*** I lead silent Sunday Candle Services at The Little White Chapel of Laughing Gnome Hollow.
(It is the tiny white building you see behind me in several of the photos on this page.)

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***You must be 18 or older to have a reading done by EelKat.***


I have been receiving a lot of e-mails requesting
free minutes, thus requiring me to add the following notation:
Sorry, but I do not give out "free minutes". Why? Uhm, well, if
you read this page and you got this far and have to ask, I'd say that
you have a serious problem that requires a medical doctor not a
psychic. Did you actually READ this page or just skim through the pictures?
Why no free minutes?
Well, let's see now, it might have
something to do with the fact that I have Autism, which means
I don't talk.
Or yeah, and than there's the part about,
I don't own a phone.
Both facts meaning I DO NOT do readings over the phone!
I'm not even signed up here on Keen, with the option to give phone readings!
PLEASE don't waste my time or yours, PLEASE actually
READ what I wrote in my listings and here on my profile.
Makes it easier on both of us. My readings are by email only and
priced as PER EMAIL, nor per minute. Therefore meaning that I DO NOT
even have the option to give you free minutes even if I wanted too!
Sorry, but it's simply, just not an option.
Thank you for understanding!

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