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Script Frenzy RE: Helpful Info on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

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March 1, 2010 - 20:08
Helpful Info on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?
One of the major plot points of my show revolves around one of the characters having Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Here's the problem, I don't know much about it.
I'm going to make this short and sweet as opposed to droning on and on over the issue: Does anyone have some helpful information on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

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March 31, 2010 - 06:55
RE: Helpful Info on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?
I have PSTD to the point that I also have agoraphobia and have not been able to leave my house or have face to face contact with humans. Oddly in the past 20+ years the only time I've been able to either leave my house or have contact with humans is for the local Write-In meetings for NaNo and SF.

When I was 14years old, my best friend was murdered along with 4 other friends. (five in all) I was the only survivor of a violent bloody attack, which left my friends with their arms and legs cut off their bodies, their intestines ripped out, and 2 of them living on for a few days before actually dieing.

The court trials went on for 6 months. Because the murderer was caught in the act of slaughtering my friends, and because their was one survivor/witness of the attack (me), the trail went fast and she was executed that same year.

I spent 6 months being questioned and interrogated by police and judges and lawyers, who didn't give a damn about what I was going through, all they wanted was the facts so they could take another life (I was against her execution).

This event left me without a single friend - every one of them was killed during this event. In the 20 years since I have not been able to make a single new friend.

The event was made worse by the fact that when I went to church, I was meet with adults who didn't give a damn. Several of them shook hands with me and said "How are you doing"... I responded with "My best friend was murdered this week" to which they responded "Oh that's nice, I had a great week too" and walked off to shake hands with the next person. There were 375 adults in our church, dozens of them repeated this same thing that Sunday. Not one of them heard what I said.

I went into a major stress overload during the court trials. By the time it was over I had stopped talking. I've barely spoken a full sentence since than. I took up writing full-time after that. I would get up in the morning, go out to my garden and start writing until night time. Every day, for the next 20+ years, without ever saying a word.

Over the years, local rumors have spread, saying that I was a demon possessed witch who puts curses on people. It appeared that I was getting better by 2001, when I was about to be married, but than I had a miscarriage, he called off the wedding, and than in 2003 the demon possession rumors took a violent turn when one hysterical local started saying I had used witchcraft to kill someone. This rumor got out of hand in during the infamous and well documented NaNoWriMo 2006, the year I dropped out due to vandals burning my house to the ground, resulting in my becoming homeless and very famous at the same time. Many news reports, paparazzi hounding's, and 2 published books later, the stress proved to be too much for me and I suffered a stress induced stroke in October 2009.

There is also some debate as to wither I have PTSD or Autism or both. And because it might help your research, I'm going to copy part of an article I wrote, you can read the entire thing here: the entire article is 25 pages long and may take a couple of hours to read, and it is itself and excerpt from a 557 page book which can be found here: if you are really into the research and want to know all the details of everything that happened throughout this entire event, you'll want to read the book itself.

Any ways, one of the noted aspects of PTSD is the panic attacks and meltdowns that are triggered by the person coming in contact with anything that reminds them of the stressful event. 14 years, almost to the day, after the murder trail that stopped me talking, I found myself in court once again, and the result was a massive meltdown that got me sent, by the judge, to a psychologist, where it was discovered that what people had been calling PTSD, may have actually been in fact, Autism instead.

Here is the part I'm copying (I was 30 years old at the time of this event):
    Don't you know it's rude to stare?
    Not a question asked to me, but a question I ask in response to people demanding I look at them when they talk. Eye contact. Why do I need to be looking at you to hear what you are saying? I hear with my ears not my eyes. Why do I need to look at you to talk to you? I talk with my mouth not my eyes. My lack of eye contact, my inability to speak around strangers, and my cloths, resulted in leading to my finding out I had Asperger's, when in 2005 I was summoned into court as a witness to some case which I had no idea why they were saying I was a witness too. I'll recap: A year before the fire or the flood which left my homeless, a man walked up to me, handed me a paper, told me I had been served and I had to show up in court to testify. I found this to be very confusing and puzzling because I didn't know anything about this so call case that I was supposedly a witness too. I tried to explain this to the man, but I'm not good with verbal explanations. He told me that it didn't matter wither I thought I was a witness or not, it was a court order and if I didn't show up at court later that week, I would go to jail. Very puzzled, and very reluctant, I went to court on the date in question and found it to be one of the most nerve wracking frustrating days of my entire life. First off I had to be searched by a guard, who took my tote bag and dumped it out. (I carry my writing paper, my art supplies, and comic books with me every where . . . it's a really big tote bag. Next I was questioned about my cloths; this being one of my very first confrontations with the world outside of church, I was completely lost as to understand why I was being asked about my cloths. What was wrong with the way I was dressed? My things were stuffed untidily and messed up back into my tote bag and I was told to sit on the right side of the court room. I sat in the very last pew and spent about an hour, resorting my crayons, comics and papers back into their proper order. I was interrupted while doing this, by my name being yelled out. Apparently the judge had called my name several times, but I had not heard her because I was busy fixing the mess the guard had made of my writing materials. I stood up, but had no idea what to do next. She called my name several more times, before finally telling me that I was supposed to come up front and sit in a chair in front of all of those people. Up front, I was asked to repeat a bunch of words, but now came my first really big problem . . . I was being asked to open my mouth and speak, something I had not done in years, and I was being asked to do it in a room filled with 40 or 50 people. This was not my first time in court. When I was 14 I was the only living witness to the murder trail of my 5 friends killed on August 21, 1991. It was court that had stopped me talking before. I spent day after day after day of interigation, back at my friend's murder trail. When the murder trail ended, I went home and was never able to speak to a stranger again. Now, here I was again 14 years later in court. The judge asked me again and again to repeat the words of the police officer who was standing in front of me. I did. I tried, I said the words, again and again, but though my mouth moved not a sound came from my lips. It was like me throat was strangling them and refusing to let the words escape. The judge finally accepted a nod of yes and told me to sit down. Than came the questions from the 2 men sitting at the tables in front of the judge. They had to ask and re-ask their questions several times, but I could not hear their words, all I could do was stare out at all of those faces, rows and rows of them sitting in the seats below. I think I answered some of their questions because the judge kept telling me I had to speak loud enough for the tape recorder to hear me, and finally she said she had had "enough of this circus". She than turned to me and told me to look at her. I looked at her hands. She repeatly demanded I look at her. Than she started yelling and saying that I was a grown woman acting like a child, she started yelling at me about my inappropriate cloths, my refusal to answer questions, my refusal to comply with orders, and my arrogance at not making eye contact. My cloths again. What was wrong with my cloths? She dismissed me as a witness, but told me not to leave the court, but to go wait at the front window. While I was sitting on the bench waiting, several men and women, I assume to be lawyers based on the fact that they were wearing suits and carrying brief cases and were in a court house, stopped to talk to me about my cloths. Most asked if I had been on my way to a party or a Ren faire when I had come to court. A few elderly women hobbled over to me and started talking about how nice it was to see people dressing up again like when they were young. Someone asked if I was a "dead head". Dozens of people walked past me ever few minutes going in or out of one of the three court rooms, and nearly every one of them, made a point to stop and ask me about my cloths. With each question, I was growing ever more puzzled about this obsession every one seemed to have with walking up to me and talking about my cloths. About three hours later the woman at the front window called my name and handed me a paper. It was a court order to see a psychologist, with a slip of paper saying that the State of Maine was going to pay for one 3 hour appointment. As I turned to leave, the woman commented that she liked my costume. I was wearing a Josephine Empire gown of wedge wood blue, with a 3 foot long train. Over which I wore a 7 yard blue velvet burnoose (a type of hooded cape). A few weeks later at the psychologist's office, I was greeted with: "So you are Wendy. Why are you dressed like that?". (I was wearing a full kimono -- many layers of kimono). He told me he had been reading my case (What case? I have a case? Since when?) sent to him by the judge. He commented several more times about my cloths. Asked if he could see the contents of my tote bag, and than spent the rest of the time asking me about my drawings and writings and how I lived my life. During the course of the meeting he commented several times on my "bizarre accent" and use of old style language, which he said was seen only in rare cases of twins left to be raised by themselves. He called it "twin-language". He said he had read cases of it, but that he had never witnessed it himself before. He found my childhood and 27 year isolation at the hands of people he called "cultists" fascinating, and believed my total lack of prior Human contact was the cause of my "inability to function". He thought it may be possible that I could be "trained like a dog" so that I could learn how to "be normal", as he believed it was possible that I did not actually have a disorder at all, but rather I simply was living just the same as I was as a 4 year old child simply because no adult had ever taught me to be otherwise. By the end of the meeting he had become very excited and was acting like he had just discovered the Lost City of Eldorado or something. He ended by writing up a paper which he said was a request to the State for funding to do a research study on me, saying that I was an "anomaly" which he could not properly diagnose, because I was displaying so many symptoms of so many disorders. Officially I have "Schizotypal Asperger's Syndrome with OCD Tendancies", however, he thinks I have something that he calls "an anomolly yet to be named", as he says there is no deffinate text book disorder to describe me properly. I left his office that day very confused, and for the first time in my life, noticing what people around me were wearing and noticing that it was very different from what I was wearing. I was also, now realizing for the first time, that people look into your eyes when they talk to each other. I was also realizing that people on the street around his office seemed to be doing a lot of standing around (wasting their time) and talking to each other. It has only been 4 years since that meeting, and I still am having a very hard time processing the fact that people talk a lot, people look at each other a lot, and people . . . well, you people just plain dress really weird as far as I can see. I have not again heard back from the psychologist, however, both my mother and my father have gotten letters from him, and each of them, and my mom's current husband, and my three brothers were called in to be "evaluated" by him to see if the whole family was like me, or if I was the only one in the family who was like this. I don't know who else he contacted, but I suspect he was the one who sent the social worker to "the tent" a year later, after the flood and the fire left me homeless and living under a tarp. All this, because I wouldn't look a judge in the eye? I remain confused over why the judge responded the way she did to me, and I remain equally confused as to why the psychologist responded the way he did to me. It was my first real contact with any one outside of the Mormon church and I found it very strange. But, as a result of the judge and the psychologist, I also found out that outside of the Mormon church, people do not believe in demon possession, and unlike the Mormon leaders who always said I acted the way I did because I was possessed by a demon, an evil spirit, or a poltergeist, I had now learned from the psychologist that what they had called evil spirits was really some sort of birth defect in my brain, which causes me to see the world on a different brain wave pattern than every one else, resulting in me acting, dressing, and otherwise responding differently to things than does every one else. Well, I must say his medical diagnosis certainly made much more logical sense to me than the religious leaders' accusation of demon possession. And now that I know the church leaders were wrong when they called me demon possessed, I no longer feel quite so much like an outcast, unloved, and alone. I've since looked into this whole Asperger's thing, and I must say, it's kind of a sigh of relief, because now I know what is "wrong" with me, and now, I can figure out how to work my life around it. Copyright Info: The contents of this post, are taken from the second draft of the book "For Fear of Little Men" by Wendy C. Allen, and reprinted here with permission. This article was originally published in October 2008 under the title Living With Asperger's Syndrome is copyright to Wendy C. Allen and The Twighlight Manor Press, and is reprinted here with permission.

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Script Frenzy RE: What's in a Page?

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RE: What's in a Page?
depending on what I'm writing, I've had scripts end with as few as 100 words on a page, simply due to the way it was formatted. It depends a lot on the type of script you are writing.
A comic book script, for example, would rarely if ever, have more than 10 sentences on a single pages, just because of the way comic book scripts are formatted.
A stage play would have more words per page - say 175 - 300, more or less. While a screen play would have the most words on a page.
But than you will have "blank" pages in every script; a perfect bound published script will average 13 blank pages - between title and copyright pages and at the end of the book, for example.
The title page counts as one page, and it will have only 1 - 5 words on it depending how long your title is.
So, all in all, you can't just plop down and say "--- words = one page" because there are so many different factors to consider.
The general rule I've always heard was this:
    Comic books - 100 words = 1 page Comic books - ten 10 word sentences = 1 page StagePlays - 10,000 words = 100 pages or 100 words per page Stage Plays - 1 page = 1 minute and should be 10, 45, 60, or 120 pages long ScreenPlays - 20,000 words = 100 pages or 200 words per page ScreenPlays - 95 - 120 pages = a 2 hour movie
Not sure if those are correct or not by ALL industry standards, but they are the ones recommended by the publishers I've personally worked with and those are the figures I've always heard that new writers should use to go by.
(The comic book figures come from the submission guidelines of Disney/Gladstone/Gemstone/Edgmont Comics & DC Comics btw.)

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How to Make a Hundred Dollars a Day with Associated Content

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The Question

Can you make a hundred dollars a day with associated content? Some one told me I could, I'll take a look at that claim. It would be really nice if I could. I could use a hundred dollars a day. Heck, I could use as little as a hundred dollars per week, or even a hundred dollars per month from Associated Content. The question is, is it possible? Has any one ever actually done it?

The Theory

The theory is, that if you get enough page views per day, to enough articles, you should in fact be able to earn $100 per day or more. I read one claim that stated you could in theory make well over a thousand dollars per day off AC, but I seriously doubt it is possible to have enough articles, each getting enough traffic, each day to be able to succeed in that claim. Of course, it is a good practice to believe at least six impossible things before breakfast, so maybe it is possible, if you worked hard at it, to make $1,000 per day here. Who am I to say you shouldn't at least try?

When you first join AC you earn $1.50 per thousand page views. As you work your way up, you can eventually earn as much as $2 per thousand page views. Once you have $2 per thousand page views coming in, than you must also have 50,000 page views per day in order to earn $100 per day, which equals to $3,000 per month. The theory is, that this should be pretty easy to do.

The Reality of Getting Paid on Associated Content

I did some searching around the site, to see if I could find any one who actually was making a hundred dollars a day here. Nope. I did not find any members making that claim. I did find one member who says she submits 10 to 20 articles per day and makes $500 per month here at AC as a result. And I found a handful of others making similar claims.

This means that while the theory is sound, when put to practice the most people are actually able to make is $16.67 per day, and this is including up front pay, something the theory itself did not calculate into it's figures, bringing their PPM pay down to $340 per month, thus meaning that even the top highest paid members of AC are only getting 170,000 page views per month or 5,667 page views per day across all of their articles. Keeping in mind here, the people making these $500 per month claims, also have between 1,000 to 3,000 published articles listed on their profiles, which means that they are getting less than 2 page views per day, per article, and they are relying heavily on the up front pay to bring in nearly half of their month's pay.

I have yet to find anyone here on AC claiming they earn more than $500 per month from their AC writing. That is not to say that they are not out there, that simply says I have not found them yet.

I would be interested in seeing a chart published by Associated Content, which tells us the current top ten pay out figures. It doesn't have to say who the pay outs went to. But it would be nice to have AC actually confirm how much it was that the biggest monthly performance pay outs are, to give other members something to strive for.

But let's take a look at the theory of making one hundred dollars per day on Associated Content.

First off this would imply that you, the author, was getting paid twice for each article. Once upfront when the article is published, and than monthly as the article brings in page view royalties.

So the question now stands, at how much do you make per upfront pay per article? The minimum and maximum amounts are not listed anywhere, however, there are several complaints from members saying that AC often pays them only .99c for their upfront pay per article. This is a somewhat disheartening figure.

Of course not every one gets paid for every article either. Only about 1 in every 10 articles gets accepted for upfront pay at all. Most are rejected and published with out up front pay. The reason usually being "topic too controversial", "topic too over done", "article contains unbiased opinions of the author", "topic is news related and thus short lived", or "article is an editorial".

AC also does not pay upfront for fiction, short stories, poetry, first person accounts, memoirs, religious topics, or product reviews.

So what does AC pay upfront for? For the most part: history, information, education, how tos, and tutorials, and not much else.

And how much does AC pay upfront for these? The most I've ever seen an AC writer say they got paid was $25, but they were paid by an outside vendor and not directly from AC themselves. It seems outside vendors usually pay between $10 to $25 per article. However, I've yet to find a writer who says they were paid more than $15 upfront from AC themselves, and this is an extremely rare event. Most writers say that AC pays them between $2 to $4 per article, if they pay anything up front at all, which they often don't.

And How Much Am I Making on AC?

Okay, I think I can agree with the folks who are making these $2 per article claims. Why? Well, because, including the articles still unpublished and in queue I have 122 articles here on AC. This one I'm writing right now, will be 123. Currently 97 are already published and 26 are waiting to be accepted or denied up front pay.

Of those 123 articles, only 22 of them, have received upfront pay at a grand total of $73.30. All of the rest were denied upfront pay, for the reasons stated above. My current clout level is 7, meaning my pay per thousand page views is currently $1.55, and my dashboard says that this month's estimated pay day will be - hold your breath - a grand total of $6.18. I estimate it will be around $8 by the end of the month, if for some reason one of my articles were to get a boost in traffic it could break a record and reach $10 for the first time.

As you can see, with my expected $8 pay day this month, I have a long way to go before I reach $100 per month, let alone $100 per day. In my 4 years here on AC (I joined March 2006), my grand total of performance pay outs comes to: $30.52. In 4 years, is a long ways away from $100 per year, let alone $100 per month. However, I have never done one single thing to promote or otherwise market my articles, relying 100% on Google traffic alone.

So, the theory than would be that I must be doing something wrong, or at least not doing something very right, because there are members with less articles than me, who claim they are earning over $100 per month here. Of course, there is no way I could tell if they were telling the truth about how much they earned either. Maybe they are not actually earning $100 per month and thus causing me to look at my own account unrealistically. It's possible.

What am I not doing right?

Okay, first off, I realize that I am not promoting my articles, a fact I am in the process of correcting. I believe that more promotion will equal more traffic. I am in the process of figuring out how one should go about promoting my articles and at the moment, only Twitter and FaceBook have come to mind. I'm sure other ideas will follow.

In 4 years my average page views per month have hovered at around 15, with most of them (17,701 of them) going to one single article. This one. Also my only article to have gotten comments to date. My other articles have only seen a few hits per month, if at all. My favorite article has seen only 864 page views total, in the last 4 years! Now granted in 4 years, I also only ever submitted 14 articles. All of the rest of the 123 articles were submitted in the last 7 days, and of those, 2 have seen over 100 page views each, this one and this one, and both were published just 4 days ago.

Well this tells me something. It tells me, that certain topics get traffic and others get ignored. It seems there are a lot of people interested in "Starting a Publishing House", "Self Publishing", "Avoiding Scams", and "Living with Autism", but there are few who are interested in "Phookas", "Reincarnation", "Raising Goldfish", "Alien Abduction", or "The Dangers of Getting Chicken Pox Twice". My traffic to each of these articles tells me as much.

How does know this help me to better aim at the $100 a day goal? Simple. It tells me what sort of topics people are going to be Googleing for, and thus what sort of articles are going to get the most page views per month, which in turn tells me which articles are going to bring in the highest pay, thus telling me what sort of articles I should be putting more focus on in my future writing.

I shall continue writing my "niche topics" in the folklore, religion, theology, cryptozoology, and ufology fields, but I will not look to those articles expecting huge amounts of traffic. Instead I will focus on also writing one or two "mainstream hot topic" articles per day, in addiction to my "niche topic" articles. I will also strive to publish no less than 10 new articles per week, and aiming at working up to no less than publishing 5 articles per day. I want to see how close I come to having 1,000 articles published before my fifth anniversary here on AC, which means publishing some 877 articles in the next 12 months, which is only 2 articles per day, so it should be a reachable goal providing I can find that many things to talk about.

In Conclusion

I do believe that it is possible, to make a $100 per day on page views alone, here at AC. I also believe that it is not an easy goal to achieve and that it requires a balanced combination of many things, including to write articles about topics which will get high Google traffic consistantly for many years to come.

So, I intend to put this theory to the test, from now on I will make it my goal to make as close to $100 per day here on Associated Content as I possibly can and in a year or so's time I will write another article to report back to see how well I did or how close I came.

What's your take on this? I'd love to hear what you have to say about this post. Leave a comment and share your views!

This article was first published on Associated Content, under the title How to Make a Hundred Dollars a Day with Associated Content on March 24, 2010 and is copyright to Wendy C. Allen and The Twighlight Manor Press.

NaNovel 2008 For Fear of Little Men by Wendy C Allen
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How Will President Obama's Health Care Bill Effect the Homeless, Income-less, and Mentally Disabled?

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Today, on March 23, 2010, President Obama signed a health care bill. This new health care bill claims it will provide easier access to health insurance for many low income families. The new health care bill also claims that it will now allow people to get health insurance even if they have been disqualified because of a pre-existing condition in the past.

Now on the surface this sounds all well and good, but history has shown us that it's one thing to write an idea on paper, and it's a different deal entirely to put that idea into proper functioning action. Now if this health care plan did what it was supposed to do and works the way our leaders intended it to, than I'm all for it.

There is one thing wrong here. This new health care bill, requires ALL Americans to get health care coverage or else. (Or else what? I have to wonder.) While the bill should in theory allow thousands, possibly millions of people to get health care for the first time, it will also punish those who are still stuck with out an option.

The problem is that people are not being given a choice in the matter. They no longer have the freedom of the free will to refuse to get a health care plan if they for whatever reason decide they do not actually want health insurance. And, I know of several religious organizations that will be effected by this - religions which teach their members NOT to go to doctors, will now be considered criminals for their religious beliefs. This bill will punish freedom of choice.

But what about those who do want health coverage, but are not able to get it? They are being left high and dry and will be punished for something that is not their fault!

Now making health care easier to get, I'm all for that. But forced health care? Well, that's just unconstitutional. I hear people calling it Socialism. That's not Socialism. Socialism is giving every one in the country an even and equal amount of totally 100% free health care - no paying for doctors, hospitals, or insurance at all.

No, forced health care is not Socialism. Forced health care is "Do what I say or else." Forced health care = Communism and Communism is illegal in the US.

Now, moving on to personal experience. I have to ask: How does this affect people like me? Homeless people who are disabled and unable to get regular jobs and due to their disabilities being of a mental nature, they are not allowed to get state assistance either? I see no mention in the bill, of how it will effect people like us.

My income is $1,200 per year and the lowest I can get forced self paid health care for is $600 per month - how am I supposed to pay it? That's my entire year's income used in 2 months! The forced health care bill is therefor going to cost me $6,000 per year over what I make! And before you ask, no, I can't afford housing either - my home is a 8'x6' tarp and has been since the flood of 2006 that destroyed our house and left my dad in a coma and me homeless and without a care taker.

Granted I'd love to have an income big enough so I could afford medical insurance - but try convincing someone to hire an Autistic person! and, no, in Maine you CAN NOT get disability, food stamps, welfare, TANIF, or state medical insurance if you have Autism - as soon as they realize I have Autism the application is automatically denied regardless of anything else.

And here's the clincher - you are hard pressed to find a self-paid health care program that will cover you if you have Autism - as soon as they realize I have Autism the application is automatically denied regardless of anything else. So, tell me - how the hell am I or any one else with Autism, suppose to be able to comply to this new forced health care law?

When it comes to health care coverage, people with Autism are considered a liability, just like people with cancer, who also are ineligible. In other words, if you are healthy, you can get medical coverage, but if you are sick and need medical coverage - to hell with you.

I've been trying to get medical insurance for over 20 years - this law only punishes me for not having something I am not allowed to have. So - if they are going to force every one to buy it - they will have to force the businesses to lower costs and actually start ALLOWING disabled people to buy it as well.

If you have Autism, you are not allowed to have medical insurance - so how can they comply with the law? I know because I have Autism.

If you have cancer, you are not allowed to have medical insurance - so how can they comply with the law? I know because my grandmother died of breast cancer after being denied medical attention, because she was denied medical insurance.

If you are in a wheelchair, you are not allowed to have medical insurance - so how can they comply with the law? I know because I've an uncle in a wheelchair.

If you have schizophrenia, you are not allowed to have medical insurance - so how can they comply with the law? I know because I have two relatives with schizophrenia.

If you have clinical depression, you are not allowed to have medical insurance - so how can they comply with the law? I know because I've more than one relative with it.

If you have PTSD, you are not allowed to have medical insurance - so how can they comply with the law? I know, because I have PTSD.

If you have diabetes, you are not allowed to have medical insurance - so how can they comply with the law? I know because my dad and a cousin both have diabetes. One has type one, the other has type two.

In other words I personally know an awful lot of people who are being denied health care because they were sick BEFORE they applied. People who actually NEED it are denied it if they are ALREADY sick when they apply - so how can they comply with the law?

You can ONLY get medical coverage if you are HEALTHY at the time of your application - so how can every one else comply with the law? It's a proven fact that 90% of the people who do not have it - don't have it because they were DENIED it because they NEEDED it BEFORE they applied! I'm sorry, but I'm reading the Bill here and I'm not reading this and seeing it's going to change much, not for these people who keep being denied anyways.

The only way the government can enforce this law is if they shut down all the independently owned medical insurance agencies and start a government run one (a different government one than the ones already in place at state levels, which don't cover any body) or the government will have to take over the independently owned ones and force them to do what the bill says or else.

(There's that "or else" again - that keeps showing up in conversations about the Health Care Bill - "or else" what? Will the government do a Hitler and imprision and/or execute every one who does not buy health insurance? What are these unspecified dire consequences of not being able to get health coverage?)

Either way it's a government take over of privately owned businesses. And I don't see that happening any time soon - not unless they outlaw free enterprise. I seem to recall a form of forced health care being enforced once before - can any one say Hitler rises again?

I am on the edge with this bill. On the one hand it sounds like it will help a lot of people, but on the other hand it will still be leaving those who need medical care the most of all with out access to it, while at the same time, stripping away the freedom of every US citizen. I think the idea is good, but it still needs work.

The Bill is 2,000 pages long, but if you are interested in reading it for yourself: Here it Is.

And you can find more info about the Bill, including up to date changes, additions, deletions, etc at Americans For Tax Reforms.

What's your take on this? I'd love to hear what you have to say about this post. Leave a comment and share your views!

This article was first published on Associated Content, under the title "How Will President Obama's Health Care Bill Effect the Homeless, Income-less, and Mentally Disabled?" on March 24, 2010 and is copyright to Wendy C. Allen and The Twighlight Manor Press.

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Worried about my brothers, living with her when she's having one of these "fits"

black birdfall leaves centerblack bird

TWEETS copied - so read from the bottom up ---

  1. EelKat 
    when she gets wound up, there's no stopping her and she gets worse as each day passes - smashing my car to pieces was just the beginning
  2. EelKatEelKat 
    well - I'm going to try to take my 3 brothers to the movies Tuesday - so expect all hell to break lose between now and than

  1. EelKatEelKat 

    why am I the only one who thinks there is something wrong with what she is doing? why will the church and police do nothing to stop her?
  2. EelKatEelKat 

    they are not allowed to have friends, not allowed to leave their rooms let alone the house - that's not right either

  3. EelKatEelKat 

    children should not be told they are evil and serving Satan, for wanting to have a birthday party - it's not right

  4. EelKatEelKat 

    that's why I always try to get them out of her house and give them a party for their birthdays - children should have birthday parties

  5. EelKatEelKat 

    I was never allowed to have birthday parties - only followers of Satan do that sort of thing she claimed

  6. EelKatEelKat 

    state laws get in the way you can't force a person to be medicated or institutionalized anymore -at least, not until AFTER they kill someone

  1. EelKatEelKat 

    Violent Paranoid Schizophrenia - full blown and un-medicated - is the worst thing you could imagine - but she is so dangerous now
  2. EelKatEelKat 

    when people say some one has Schizophrenia, I say - "NO, they don't" - I know schizophrenia first hand - I lived with one for 27 years

  1. EelKat 

    my brother shouldn't have to be terrified to have a birthday party - no child should have to live like that

  2. EelKatEelKat 

    she really needs to be institutionalized BEFORE she kills some one - her acts of violence have gotten so much worse latly

  3. EelKatEelKat 

    shutting down the state mental institute was a huge mistake - she hurts so many people free and un-medicated like this

  4. EelKatEelKat 

    my high priest has suggested he accompany us to the theater, out of fear for our safety from her

  5. EelKatEelKat 

    she smashed my car because she said it is demon possessed - so trying to go to the movies for his birthday - may be a violent event

  6. EelKatEelKat 

    like I said - Portland is, in her own words "The City Run by Satan" - she says only people possessed by demons live there

  7. EelKatEelKat 

    I am worried about how to go about getting my brothers out of her house Tuesday so I can take them to the birthday party

  8. EelKatEelKat 

    that is why the damage of my Dodge was not as bad as the damage she did to the Gremlin or the Hornet - both totaled by a sledge hammer

  9. EelKatEelKat 

    thankfully the police confiscated her ax, knife, and sewing scissors on the last few attempts she made she has resorted to bare hands now

  10. EelKatEelKat 

    with what she just did to my car 2 days ago (this being the FORTH car she has done this to) his birthday should prove an interesting day

  11. EelKatEelKat 

    and he's 19 years old btw - but her violent attacks on his life and keeping him locked in his room, prevent his leaving

  12. EelKatEelKat 

    in the past it has required we be accompanied by 4 armed police officers, in order to get my brothers out of her house, just to go for pizza

  13. EelKatEelKat 

    Portland is, in her own words "The City Run by Satan" - some of her most violent attacks have been triggered by requests to go to Portland

  14. EelKatEelKat 

    he wants to not only go to the movies, but to go to The Nickelodeon - OMG! she may try to kill us - that's in downtown Portland

  15. EelKatEelKat 

    due to the unnamed vandals recent lock down hysteria fit - getting my brother out of her house for his birthday may not be easy

  16. EelKatEelKat 

    taking my brother to see Alice in Wonderland for his birthday on Tuesday

NaNovel 2008 For Fear of Little Men by Wendy C Allen
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